Friday 15 April

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Fri 15 Apr 2022 11:43

I struggle to find incentive to update the blog when there are only negative things to report. So for last few days I have been chasing volts round the boat and getting more and more depressed about ever getting back on the water. However today I switched to ohms -checking wires for continuity and I couldn’t find any faults. Then while checking a fuse under the sink I joggled a wire and the water pump sprang to life briefly. More joggling and the pump started spraying water everywhere and lights came on. So after plumbing repairs to replace cracked joints I am thinking that the electrics are not totally shot and I may just need to  secure the loose connections. I could replace the control panel with the new one I brought over although that would risk getting the wires muddled.


I even felt confident enough to raise the mainsail which did dampen my sprits as various nests (birds, bats, ants, wasps) appeared along with green and brown stripes. Only one small hole however so the sail may still get us to the next port.

This chap (chapess?) was busy completing  a beautiful nest and as it disintegrated with sail hoisting he/she kept trying to re-build until sadly nothing was left and she finally gave up. I kept my distance with the little angry bees in mind  but no revenge attack transpired.


The marina’s electrician should be here tomorrow- I can ask him about the shore power situation which is dodgy. When I connected to it the whole boat was decidedly tingly.


Diana has been doing better than me until today with successful cleaning of recoverable items (the laundry service is top notch), but has succumbed to heat today and spent the day in the room. Hopefully just a short term set back.