position N11 26 800 W 38 35 400

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Fri 1 May 2015 04:57
03:30 01/05/15 142 miles
Just off watch and not too sleepy so making up for forgetting to update yesterday. Rig adjusted during the day-now one genny poled out to stbd and other sheeted off end of main boom to port. Main sail down. Wind came round more on stern prompting change but now has returned ENE. New rig is working well however.
Half way point (to Paramibo) reached and all crew well. Food hasnt run out (although we are reaching the end of the fresh produce) and even the drinks cupboard not completely bare.
The weed is no longer an interesting phenomenon and now a distinct nuisance as it not only prevents fishing but also collects on the Aries rudder and knocks us off course disturbing the sails. William has fashioned a tool fixed to the end of the boat hook for clearing the weed and it requires use every hour or so.
Decided that William is like the by the wind jelly fish that pass by with delicate pink fan of sail showing above the surface, trying to cross the current- I am a clump of sea weed following the current with all the other seaweed, and Dominic a flying fish flitting between media.
We have a passenger on board tonight- resting on the sprayhood. Didn't say how long passage required or ask for our destination but seems content to join forces for the time being.