position S029 3.600 E167 56.900

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sun 5 May 2019 11:39

Sunday 6th May  300 miles to New Caledonia

Our dislike of sailing into the wind has been reinforced. We were actually sailing along quite smartly last night close hauled in 20 knots wind on starboard tack at about 6 knots and on course. We had fully reefed main up and about 2/3 jib. Then at 5 in the morning a loud bang and the forestay had parted company wih the mast taking the jibs overboard. They were still attached to the boat at the foot, dragging beside the boat which had reduced speed to almost stationary.
As it got light I managed to haul the sails and forestay out of the water and lash them to the guard rail. I had calculated that we had not quite enough diesel to reach New Caledonia, struggling against the wind and we looked at the option of turning left for Brisbane but the forecast that way was for light variable winds after a couple of days and we definately don't have enough to reaxh Australia.   So we are heading still for NC , motor sialing during the day and sailing very sowly with the reefed  main at night. I am reluctant to put up more sail without a forestay although the load from the main should be sideways or towards the front.  The forecast is for less wind in a day or so so we may try more sail then.

The crew is surprisingly holding up well although gets very fed up with the engine noise.