position S12 27.100 E130 49.200

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Fri 26 Jul 2019 13:22

Friday 25th July.

Arrived at Cullen Bay Marina this morning after a rather stressful night. The engine overheated and cut out at just about the narrowest part of the strait, but there was just enough wind to keep her moving at about 1 knot in the right direction with reefs and islands not far away.
The fresh water had completely disappeared from the cooling system. After letting it cool down and re-filling the fresh water she re-started but the same thing happened after a few more miles.
Luckily after more cooling I did then get some wind and was able to sail nearly all the way to the marina, just putting the engine on for the last few hundred yards.

The Immigration officials were waiting for me when I arrived at the pontoon only slightly miffed that I hadn't informed them I was going to be late. The marinas are all tucked behind lock gates due to the big tide here but Cullen Bay has the only all tide accessible pontoon outside the lock. Biosecurity followed on after immigration and he took all the fresh food that was left (not very much) and made me prommiss to eat up my left over omelette I was saving for lunch. Having congratulated myself for arriving on Friday and avoiding the weekend charge I was told it is a public holiday today in Darwin that'll be $270 thank you.

Both officials warned me about the wet season that starts in October suggesting we really don't want to be here then. I had to wait a bit for the divers to come and squirt biocide into the boats orrifices in case any baby mussels were lurking in the pipes. Then I was not allowed to use the engine or toilets for 10 hours. The divers boss is from Fakenham and is a keen Norwich City fan. Very pleased about the promotion and approving of the managers plans for the new season in the premiership. Fakenham wasn't warm enough one year so he moved to Darwin 23 years ago.

The 10 hour veto put my engine investigations on hold so I walked  ashore see if could replace my stolen produce but Cullen Bay is just smart apartment blocks around the marina with a few restaurants and no useful shops.  Lots of vacant commercial properties but the Marina is fairly full. Probably there's a big shopping mall somewhere but not within walking range.

I suspect that the fresh water is escaping into the raw (sea) water and being pumped out the back of the boat. That may mean a new heat exchange & exhaust unit or possibly if I'm lucky just the pipe stack inside.

I had a clean up and wash down and had  some supper at one of the restaurants overlooking the marina. My internet research on the wifi gave me some ideas on diagnosing the engine problem and also an alternative option to leaving the boat in Tipperary Waters marina where I have reserved a berth. None of the marinas have haul out but there is a yard back round the point that could and then I could leave her on the hard instead of in the water- I have emailed but may not get a reply now till monday so might go round to the marina anyway. It is quite a long way to Tipperary as we all know (actually 5 miles) so hope the engine can make it.