position N00 19.500 W80 49.500

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Thu 26 Jan 2017 18:00
Thursday 26th Jan 1pm

The piece of net hadn't released itself as I thought- a careful look over the stern revealed the offending piece of nylon rope with net attached. As it didn't appear to be slowing me much I put off the job of dislodging it untill the wind dropped.

The nice north-westerly lasted untill about 11 am and then was undecided for a while before disappearing completely.  As it also started to rain I thought I might as well get properly wet. I dropped the main, attached myself to a rope and slipped over the side with snorkle mask. The net was caught fast round the bottom of the rudder but fortunately hadn't wrapped around the prop. A couple of dives got it clear and I had just about dried myself off and got underway under engine when I spotted a red float in the water ahead. I just managed to make a swift 180 turn clearing another net by about 2m! The fishing boat directed my to go around to the north and I must have motored about 1mile before the end of the net appeared with a marker flag.

I shall have to be more vigilent as clearly these drift nets are popular around here. Not sure how I shall manage at night. Maybe just stop and drift myself.

The equator is approaching- about 20miles away and the weather is decidedly cool and damp. Could easily be off Norfolk in March.