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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sat 7 Sep 2019 14:05

Saturday 7th Sept

More puzzling over lost water. A few more tests showed that the seals at the ends of the tube stack were not holding and careful measuring indicated that 26.5mm of tube should project each end to achieve a satisfactory grip length for the rubber cap. Once a good seal was achieved the engine was fired up and water started to gush out of the pressure cap. Next took the thermostat out (Doug says the engine will run fine without it) and that stopped the cap gushing but water was still disapearing. Its notemerging from the engine or disapearing into the engine where watery oil would be evident. So rigged a pressure test on the heat exchange unit to see if it could be leaking into the exhaust which is directly underneath but that held suggesting not. This is all very boring but you will understand when the mechanic comes up with an obvious and simple solution tomorrow that I must be an imbecile. At the moment I feel that I know more about the cooling system of a Perkins 4108 than any man alive and defy anyone to tell me otherwise.
I have some pics from my tip to the Billabongs:
A really swish boardwalk.
There were so many birds in this dam I could almost point the camera at random and get a good shot.
The pelicans were mopping up the last fish in this rapidly drying water hole.

I risked walking back to the car from a viewing platform but kept my eyes peeled for hungry crocs.
Like this- we were safely sheathed in aluminium and the crocs ignored us. Not so the cattle that apparently get snaffled regularly.
A handsome black necked stork was happy to pose on the bank for pics
This is not a cormorant but a darter.
The white breasted sea eagle was guarding the nest but Ian thought the nest was empty.
Maybe Mrs eagle has found another mate but he is still in denial.
The willie wagtail is having more luck, but it is hard work having to find another fly every couple of minutes.