position S019 07.900 W170 48.750

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Tue 12 Jun 2018 10:12

MONDAY 11th June.  Towards Vavau Tonga .

Woke up to heavy grey skies and drizzle this morning- the 1st day that hasn't been nice from the start. It did clear around midday and the wind held up nicely during the day and waves behaved. I had to switch the spinaker pole in the afternoon from port to starboard as we were being pushed south of the course. Otherwise an incident free day prompting a baking session. I used up some over ripe bananas and made some banana bread which turned out rather well, even though do I say so myself.  I also toasted a batch of our home made muesli that is rather mushy raw. I bought a bag of frozen lamb in Niue and made a big pot of stew in the pressure cooker. Dinner sorted for 3 nights.

This chap hitched a lift but forgot he hasn't yet evolved lungs. Flying fish are actually quite popular in Niue - often eaten  raw but he was a bit dry by the time I spotted him so put him on the fishing line to see if he would change my luck. He had disapeared when the line came back in but no wahoo or rainbow runner on the hook.

It has turned a bit lumpy now and wind dropped but we should still make Vavau in daylight tomorrow.