RE: Ayia Napa

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Wed 20 Sep 2023 19:02

Tuesday & Wednesday 19th & 20th September


Very frustrating couple of days as just about everything went wrong or failed to go right. The mains electricity went off again-Last time I reported it to one of the marina crew a couple of days ago and it came back on.  Unfortunately I didn’t see him as I was chasing undelivered packages but it was back on when I returned. This time I saw the guys and they showed me the trip switch on the pontoon pillar and their beepy detector showed power getting to the control panel on the boat. However the trip on the control panel wasn’t responding to the test push button indicating no power.  Further testing with the voltmeter confirmed power at the panel but none at the 1st socket downstream.  Confirmed continuity in the wires between panel and socket so  now flummoxed. The marina crew offered to give me the number of an electrician- I may have to take them up.


Tried to fit the windlass control panel that I brought out with me and once again flummoxed by failure to work. Too tedious to try and explain the issues, You tube not helping for once.


The engine elbow finally turned up after paying a whole bundle of extra  import duty and it is the wrong model!! I cant believe I ordered the wrong one but the picture was misleading. The old elbow will have to soldier on and although Fiona condemned it I think it will last a bit longer. Hope  Parts4engines will change it when I get back because I am not sending it by Courier. Delivery to Malaysia much quicker than Cyprus.


Days 2 & 3 of the fast going surprisingly well. Feeling pleasantly empty but not hungry. Enough honey lemons for another couple of days then will have to find new supplies. Missing the food processing more than the food itself. 6 pm beer and crisps also hard to do  without.