position N24 23 020 W 18 54 045

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sat 4 Apr 2015 08:27
09:00 04/04/15
48 hrs out and good progress last night. wind held steady 12-14 Kn apparent from north. Aries holding us on course 210 with no objection. 240 miles done 510 to go.
Good breakfast of chicken burger with mushrooms so Adams tum must be O.K. Diana not convinced about chicken burger so hers went to the sharks. (none spotted yet but did get a nother visit from the little dolphins this morning). Cloudy all night and decidedly cool. Sun just breaking through now but need more to keep the fridge going. Unusual sail plan overnight with main to port and twin gennys poled out to starboard but the gennys open out to form an envelope -catching more wind? not sure but doesn't seem to be slowing us.