Medana Bay.

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Wed 2 Oct 2019 10:49
Wednesday 2nd Oct. 
Position 8 21.890S 116 07.770E
Arrived at the little marina here yesterday afternoon. Just as I was picking up the mooring I felt the 1st drop of rain since I can't remember when. Certainly before Darwin. As it was the 1st day of the official rainy season it was a well timed light shower.
After weighing up the options with Diana I have decided to leave the boat here for the rainy season which by all accounts can be too hot and humid for enjoyment. There are various advantages, the chance for Diana to enjoy some of Indonesia, the laptop issue, the dodgy end cap, the imminent grandchild. On the downside we lose a year of the schedule to get through the red sea but it is always a tussle between seeing more and getting round before dementia sets in.
Peter the unofficial owner of the marina (his Indonesian wife is the official owner) is an interesting chap. He is an ex mining engineer and has always worked in the far east. They had a big earthquake last year which destroyed most of the village. The
marina buildings were o.k but the beach dropped a couple if feet breaking the boat ramp. He made sure his buildings had decent cement and reinforcement whereas the newly built health centres and school buildings didn't due to corruption and so collapsed.