Leaving Guatemala

Fri 28 Feb 2020 14:15

Well, we still have the Rio Dulce curse, that is the Hotel California curse that you can never leave. We thought everything was ready; Caroline got Dengue fever.
With Dengue you can’t eat or drink, have headaches, joint pains and are not of normal mind, (though some of Caroline’s family might say situation normal!). There are also up to 3 different rashes, of which Caroline got two.
For 5 days Caroline couldn’t walk anywhere. This was quite inconvenient as we were still on the hard. So nurse Murray had the rather unpleasant job of emptying the bucket each day (not too bad, as not eating!) The last rash and final fever leave you swimming in sweat (such a lovely thought!!).
Then you just have few weeks (or months) of recovery. The second case of Dengue at Nana Juana that we know of this year. So, delayed for weeks again.