Great Basin National Park

Thu 7 Sep 2017 08:54

Our 15th and last. Great campsite, secluded and hidden spot. Cave tour and later amazing walk among the bristlecones. Bristlecone pines are the oldest living things on our planet – (up to 5,000 years). The oldest tree ever found was cut down to see if it was the oldest living organism ever found – the answer was 'yes'. Incredibly these trees take over 1,000 years to erode once dead - normally by fire or lightening (they are too tough to decay).

great basin
Our last big walk was to the highest point in Nevada. 13060 feet and above the glacier. The path is invisible from any distance greater than a few feet and the walk really was a bit strenuous. The loose rock path was a little slippery at times, but the views from the top made it all worthwhile. The shelter was very comfortable, but we left when a massive thunderstorm approached. The power in the nearest town was taken out during the storm. There was also a massive dust storm nearby with plumes rising 100s of feetlehmanbasin