England - what a nightmare

Fri 14 Oct 2016 14:47

While in the Azores our stuff was supposed to be moved from Essex and storage to our new house for us to store. We were told some was damaged on delivery, but emails to the company elicited no response. When we arrive to check it we discovered a large portion was missing.

Tried to sort out the removal company, who wouldn't speak to us, well, not until the police went to arrest the company director.

They kept trying to wriggle, asking who packed. We answered 'you were paid to pack, and we can identify one individual removal man who smeared blood on our hand embroidered silk cushion by sending it for DNA testing. An offer the removal company is yet to take up.

Anyway they have damaged soiled or broken much of what they did manage to deliver. The police are still trying to track the stuff that wasn't delivered (maybe getting somewhere with that).

On top of this, while trying to prep the house for rental, our car had had a new cambelt so badly fitted in January it could have failed at any time, causing an abrupt halt. Potentially fatal on a motorway, but fortunately it happened at 5mph. The garage involved immediately offered to buy the car at market value and took it away.

Needless to say a full search of Caroline's bags at the airport didn't help our frayed state of mind.