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The first revolution against Spain was nearly over. Riots in Havana (1898) gave the Americans the evidence they had been waiting for and they sent in the USS Maine which blew up, killing 258 people. The US accused the Spanish of sabotage and so began the Spanish-American war. Cubans believe the US blew up their own ship and they were close to winning independence anyway. The Spanish surrendered and Cuba became independent with the US promising they were not intending to exercise any political power there, they were just helping to free the country from the colonial grip of Spain.

The second revolution against Batista's dictatorship was led by Fidel Castro in 1956-1959.
The museum of revolution provides many examples of the alleged CIA activities as well as lifesize wax models of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara emerging from the jungle.


Quotes from the museum:

'The underground fight in the cities was growing day after day as the moment of the definitive victory was approaching. Furious because of the defeat and impotent given the bravery of the revolutionaries, the henchmen of the tyranny increased their criminality.'

'...every fallen comrade on city streets and battlefields arouses in his brothers – ideals an irresistible wish of giving their lives too, he arouses in the indolent the wish of fighting'

After winning power Castro nationalised swathes of businesses owned by US companies and used the money to reform education, healthcare etc.

of Che
'having been wounded in combat he was assassinated by the CIA and the Bolivian puppet army on October 9, 1967'

Fidel Castro
'Since the first days of the war the leader of the revolution was closely linked to the peasants.'

Every single outbreak of disease, whether in plant, animal or human is blamed on the CIA with a date, number of deaths and a clear accusation (but no evidence) against the CIA.

Many in the city are proud of the revolution with workplace signs, statues and posters praising revolution everywhere.