To Falmouth

Mon 11 Jul 2016 10:15

50.09.88n 05.05.09w

No sign of any Northerlies, so still in the UK. After five days of strong south westerlies we finally left Weymouth.

The South coast is so cold and wet, we have realised we've forgotten our woolly hats, at least Caroline has a thermal top.

Out past Portland Bill against a nasty decaying SW chop - what a treat; a pod of porpoises, then later a pod of dolphins: enough to cheer anyone up.dolphin

The clear night sky, the shining brightness of stars and the milky way; all sights mainly lost on land.

The sense of nature brings a feeling of contentment.

Falmouth at last - our last UK stop.

The view from the boat is a little different to Gosport.