Kiwi Christmas

Sat 25 Dec 2010 06:08
It seemed very strange to have Christmas in 26C with sunshine. No red-breasted robins here, the Kiwi robin has the same inquisitive character, but is grey with a white breast. Even more confusing, a lot of the xmas cards are imported from UK and have the traditional white christmas scenes. Last Christmas our thoughts were filled with our first ocean crossing and planning the Caribbean cruising, but this time we will be on dry land for over 4 months.
We spent Christmas with Darcy and Nicky, at Nicky's parents family's. Caroline was a bit worried about feeling strange with a different family, but we could not have been made more welcome. After presents from Santa (who comes here first and gets back to Europe in just 12 hours) and nibbles, the ham was roasted on the bbq oven outside and after a close eye was kept on the weather, the turkey dinner was served on the patio, to a joyous table of 14, followed by a game of French cricket and a quiz. A great time was had by all, lubricated with a continous flow of bubbles. Many thanks to Vicky and Steve and all the helpers!
Darcy with Regan and Isaac
Steve and Nicky in action, being supervised by Maggie