St Lucia

Sat 13 Mar 2010 15:58
Aaaargh- we booked and agreed in detail the engine service about 5 weeks ago, gave provisional dates, then definite dates to the St Lucia Volvo Penta engineer. The engineer at the office then obviously hadn't been told anything and had never seen our engine before, the boss having gone 'off island' for 2 weeks. He is back on Monday, so hopefully we will get a resolution then.
Having been stuck here for nearly 2 weeks, we have progressed some repairs and painting and hired a car for a mini tour. This only cost half an arm and leg (is that an arm or a leg?) as we met a couple - Mike and Helen - who came with us. We visited the sulphur springs mud baths and diamond falls with baths and had a snorkel, so we have been cleaned and exfoliated all over. Apparently this will make us look 10 years younger - it certainly felt good. The mud was really hot and it was strange to see a stream of hot mud running down the hillside.
Sulphur Springs
Caz in mud river
Sorry! Me again!
Diamond falls had mineral baths too, and we bathed where one Napolean's Josephine bathed. The gardens were fabulous, but a lot were closed off due to the risk from falling mahogany pods. In England they would just cut these dangerous trees down!
Diamond Falls
Ginger Torch flower