Puerto Isla Mujeres Marina and UK Jenny BD

Sun 29 Apr 2018 15:08

The marina is expensive, but the pool is lovely. Basically the marina is in the hurricane hole and although the price is good in the high season it doesn't drop in the low season. We are transferring to another marina on the mainland for our first (quick) visit to the UK.

We transferred to the Hacienda Del Mar marina and got ripped off. Even though the price was on the internet and a notice on their door they refused to let us stay at the correct price. What a horrible start to our UK trip home, but unfortunately we were to find that this was only one example of dishonesty out of many.

The UK was a big celebration of our eldest niece's 30th birthday.



Caroline and her sisters as silly as ever.

We went straight back to Puerto Isla Mujeres marina from the rip off Hacienda del Mar which had no toilets or showers or facilities. We are used to our island life, waking up to frigate birds above, large iguanas and a scorpion hunting snake run through the grounds while fish float about the marina jetties.
Our supermarket is a few minutes away and we are living easy times. The part for the tender engine is due in 10 days, but we are worried that it will not come.