Barbate to Gibralter catch up

Sun 20 Sep 2009 11:57

The Straits are full of dolphins, with Europe on one side and Africa on the other. At the narrowest point, only 8 nautical miles separate the two continents. The Levanter is a wind which blows out of the Med into the Atlantic, long and hard for about three days at a time. When it meets 'the rock' the rising of the air causes the water vapour to condense forming a semi-permanent cloud over the rock.
Life here is easy, with English language, money and customs including All Day Breakfast for £4.95!
Went up the rock in a cable car, with Hellie on the floor gripping Caroline's leg. Having done the touristy bit we felt the need to get on the move again.
Sadly Helen had to return to the UK to attend a funeral. Murray and Caroline took the time to visit Morocco, by ferry from neighbouring Algeciras.

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