To Marquesas 1800 miles to go

Fri 4 Jun 2010 15:46
5.29.318s 109.05.031w
We think (not 100% certain) that this passage takes us as far from land as it is possible to be. 3000 miles is a slightly daunting sail, but we have good trade winds and the current is with us.
50+ dolphins (it was impossible to count them) came and jostled each other for space under our bow. The only warning for the whole area is not to approach whales which apparently have attacked boats in the past. It would be nice to see a whale - have only seen one and that was off Spain!
Had fresh fish for lunch, and tea, as Murray finally got his rod out with the right tackle dangling and landed a Spanish Mackerel - much nicer than normal mackerel.
Some waves have been a little on the large side, Murray woke to the sound of a big Splosh, followed by some mild cursing as Caroline stood dripping in the cockpit, watching the water subside.
Nearly half-way gone already!