San Blas Islands

Sun 18 Apr 2010 03:31
Panama sits shrouded in cloud to our right and we are anchored off  an island surronded by a sandy beach  and then a coral reef. No lights , no tv arials, the Kuna live a trradional life as they have for many centuries, their boats are dugouts (tlhough a small number are enhanced by outboard engine)  and no  one is allowered to marry outside of the tribe and still live in the islands.
We are visiting just a few of the several 100 islands of which just one elected to join the mainland (by bridge) and have a more modern life style.
A typical day for us is to take the tender to an uninhabited island and then snorkel (twice a day) - the rest of our time is spent relaxing. apologies for not managing to fit in the tails of the spotted ray and shark in pictures below  - but they were to big for the viewfinder at 9 feet and 7 feet long!  We see sunfish each dive and get checked out by barracuada as well.
The Kuna are happy waving and smiling without the constant hand out of eastern carribbean. There is a BBQ island where everyone goes to cook fish when it is too big for their family and then all can join in. Really beautiful islands.