1/3rd down - 9/6/12

Mon 11 Jun 2012 14:30
Well, we have been plagued by clams and a North Atlantic that resembles a mill pond. This is a lot better than being plagued by storms. So its a slow journey with the weather slowly getting colder: as Murrays bits are no longer hanging freely in the wind, so to speak, but trousers, a fleece and a hat are making nighttime appearances. Yesterday was a wash day and the boat looked very elegant with the quilt cover draped from the backstays like a new purple sail. Murray was also dragged kicking and screaming to the shower wah bag and my fears over having a stowaway vagrant disappeared. So, with clean bedding and husband I just need some sailing wind. (Regular readers might remember the Biscay Crossing!)
We have a few hundred miles to go before we clear the ice berg limit and can set course for England, joining the Great Circle route.