Las Vegas 11/6

Sun 11 Jun 2017 04:21

Bling, bling and bling. The Bellagio has a garden of things like gigantic plastic lemons, a lobby full of glass flowers and the largest chocolate fountain ever. The gamblers mainly all look miserable and are there all day long. On a small notice somewhere in the vicinity of the fridge was the warning that moving something in the fridge or storing your own items would incur a charge of $50 per day. Everything was an expensive extra. This was definitely the first time either of us had seen fridge charges like this.


choc goblin

Vegas allows smoking indoors so the only downside to Vegas is lots of coughing and everything really smells. The staff have to sign a waiver that they will not sue their employers if they get lung cancer – very scary.

Anyway, back to Bellagio. The best buffet ever (well joint equal with Athens) Caroline had, amongst other dishes, natural yoghurt with prunes and caramelised apples, followed by stir fried green vegetables and egg fried rice – weird. The other brill thing was the fountains. Choreographed to all sorts of music we loved the Pink Panther theme. What a contrast to the last night we had together, turtle watching on a beach in Grenada. This last month seemed a very long time apart.