Sun 9 Jan 2011 08:33
A lovely visit to the crews of Mojo and Artemo, though sadly Sven was already away working. On the way up we stopped to visit the most famous arty toilets in NZ - designed by Hundertwasser and incorporating a tree.
Mojo managed to finish the crossing from Tonga with no sails left and Artemo has now fixed their engine which broke on the same passage.
The plan was to go to Russell to see a tall ships race. However, we were tempted by our charming hostess Ondene to linger a little long over the lunchtime wine and motored out to see the last of the tall ships disappearing into the distance.
Following a blue penguin in towards Russell, we reverted to the default plan and went to a pub (actually the oldest licensed premises in NZ). The afternoon was gently whiled away sitting on the terrace with a pitcher of beer, listening to a live band - it can be hard work, this cruising life.
Then back to Artemo for plenty of rum, good food and great company.
As usual the girls provided and excellent water taxi service