Three days to Lisbon

Tue 18 Aug 2009 15:24

38.40.603n 9.19.030w
Woke up in the Ria de Camarinas to check the transits to see if the boat had moved during the night. Fog so solid and white we couldn't see more than a foot.
Swimming and chilling once the sun was back as we are setting off for Portugal. The fogs have been known to last a week.
A day of sightings:
A yacht in the channel around the sandbank wouldn't give way- ignored all the 'Rules of the Road', so we gave up and turned the wrong way as he sailed past us into the harbour. His boat was flagless and he was without a stitch of clothing - not a pretty sight! Apparently, talking to others, many men like to sail with their bits dangling free. Murray has been dissuaded from considering this course of action (Oh no he hasn't - M).
A pleasant sight was our first whale, just a few minutes later. Then at sunset a pod of dolphins arrived. I have tried and tried not to think of dolphins in puppy dog terms, but have now given up. As soon as the dolphins spotted us they scampered overto gambol and frolic around the boat. For the next two days we have been treated to dolphin displays up to four times a day. They are beautifil, sleek and fast (pic and vid attached, probably!)
Coming into Oeiras (Lisbon), a strong to gale force sea breeze blew up. Murray and Helen were sleeping so had to come to quickly. All I can say is that Helen dressed in just knickers and t-shirt is a lot quicker at getting the main sail down!

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