Tobago Cays to Union Island

Thu 25 Mar 2010 17:45
12.35.728n 61.24.686w
Caroline - Things have now deteriorated on the boat. Murray is now wearing a skimpy rainbow coloured pair of less than speedos. They are barely decent when dry and completely see-through when wet. The boat man who saw them this morning said 'That's dem man'. I am still unsure whether this was praising Murray's courage in wearing them, or a struggle as to  what to say when seeing such a sight so early in the morning.
(No pic - requests may be met!)
A short hop of less than 3 miles, so too lazy to put up the sails. The whole area is a mass of reefs and underwater rocks, so a lot of care is needed in the navigation. There is even an underwater volcano next to a rock called 'Kick'em Jenny' but despite recent eruptions there has only been spitting and belching in the depths.
This picture is of Happy Island at the entrance to Clifton on Union Island and is built on a conch shell base, laid by the owner.