Nevis 2/4/17

Sat 1 Apr 2017 23:03

A small pretty island, once British but now independent. All the islanders we spoke to seemed to have come from Slough or Birmingham. You have to use a mooring buoy and pay $20 one off fee whether you stay for one night or a week. We are not sure that the NPA maintain the moorings that often, from the size of the lobster that lives on ours!


So we have had a leisurely week under the peak of Nevis by Sunshine's, a spot for cocktails and the local specials. (Here they invented the 'Killer Bee' signature cocktail, didn't quite catch on like the Pina Colada!)


We attended the local agriculture show, with fluffy chickens, all you could ever wish to know about artificial insemination and lots of fruit and vegetables. The locals seemed very excited about big bags of onions.

The entertainment included the 'Jumping Clowns' who unfortunately had their music turned off and the 'aww shit, man' and other similar comments from the music technician were on microphone, much to our amusement. Their 'jumping' was very energetic, but reminded us closely of English folk dancing.


We did lots of snorkelling as there is a great artificial reef within finning distance of the boat.

The dinghy dock situation is a bit problematic and a few cruiser forums have some whinges. The locals try to help by telling you where to put the tender to avoid local boats damaging your boat, even when the conditions mean you boat would be damaged if you put it where they say. We simply pointed this out and they helped us put the tender on the right jetty. One person had the front of their inflatable burst by getting trapped under the jetty.

Today (2/4/17) the ground swell (waves coming back from the shore, doubling the size of the incoming waves) meant Caroline scrambled up the tyres from the dinghy onto the jetty and was about to tie the line on when the tender was suddenly higher than the jetty and Caroline was waist deep in water wearing land clothes, so had to do the shopping covered in white salt stains – lovely.

Lovely people, a bit dirty on land and underwater – we really like it here.