Martinique to St Lucia

Thu 20 Apr 2017 14:27

Lovely sail although the channel was a bit rough. St Lucia was about boat repairs and unfortunately we saw yet more things wrong from the work done at Tollesbury Marina. As well as not applying the Coppercoat properly, and cutting through our radar wire, they had to lower the Ampair wind generator. To do that they had to cut that wire too. Unfortunately near to it is the aft nav light cable (although about half the size) so they first cut that, then they cut the Ampair cable. Both reconnections came apart in Murray's hands and could have gone at any time. We were taking the generator down to attempt to stop the loose wire inside from clanging back and forth, which woke us up regularly. We worked out Tollesbury had pulled the wire enough to loosen it. It's amazing how many bad things the two UK firms we had work on the boat did. Unfortunately we managed to dislodge another connection, so now have no Ampair, but not long to go until we haul out.