Cadiz and Seville

Wed 2 Sep 2009 11:34

Down to Cadiz as a base to visit Seville.
Seville - beautiful city, they only juice the oranges when you order your drink. Relaxing day at the palace, drinking sangria, pottering in the gardens where once Spanish Kings and Quens sat.
Second day in Seville for the cathedral, magnificent works of art and treasures before travelling to Cordoba to the world's largest Mosque, partly converted to a cathredal. Basically Ferdinand III ripped out the centre of the Mosque and just put a church there. Very strange. Feeling overdosed on Spanish/Moorish architecture now. Back to the relaxed city of Cadiz. Local type day with a quick early breakfast, elevenses, ice-cream, lunch 2-4 tapas, work til 7.00, ice cream time again, or tapas. 9-11.30, main meal time and chatting in the main square til midnight.
Ita a hard life for a traveller as we obviously had to cut out the work bit (apart from a little painting) from the above schedule to fit in with the locals. Please note, the work bit for the locals is assumed to be true, but was not actually witnessed.

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