La Gomera to Guadeloupe

Tue 24 Nov 2009 18:06
Final preparations have now been completed for the crossing to Guadeloupe (this involved an angle grinder for the spinnaker pole fitting!). The ARC boats left Gran Canaria on Sunday, bound for St Lucia and the rowers leave here on 6th December, so we are well placed to go in the middle - hopefully we'll be faster than the rowers.
Have had a good week in La Gomera. The scenery in the National Park is similar to North Tenerife and walking there in November is a bit like walking in woods in England in mid summer. Saw a falcon make a kill, but didn't have the camera ready, so you'll have to take our word for it.
Can't wait to get on with the crossing now - finally leaving Europe (though Tenerife is geographically Africa) to go to the Caribbean (though Guadeloupe is a French Department and the currency is Euros!)
We hope you haven't been too hard hit by the weather in the UK. Looking at the forecasts there's more coming, but it's not affecting the weather here, which is just getting to trade wind status.
Distance to next sight of land is 2529 nautical miles, or roughly 25-35 days (yes, we have enough food and water!!)