Marquesas - Nuku Hiva - Taiohoa

Sat 3 Jul 2010 18:43
The town has both ancient and modern Tikis in a park created for the cultural festival.
Are we sure aliens didn't land here though?
Caroline's first good look at the traditional tattoo
For our evening entertainment we went to the local folk dancing competition. All of the main 3 islands have a team competing. While videoing the dances Murray managed to miss the lady who's grass top had slipped. These girls really knew how to move those hips.
The first round involved the troupe sitting on the ground and singing with the hands telling the story. The second round was a traditional Haka, more like the All Blacks challenge dance, with the girls and boys taking turns or interweaving the dances, while singing too. If we can get a decent WIFI signal, we'll try to put some vids on You Tube.
The Polynesians seem to have a very high proportion of good singers, dancers and sculptors.
And it was a great way to show off the traditional tattoos