What happens for cruise ships

Sun 11 Mar 2018 21:37

On the day before a cruise was due to arrive, we, along with a number of local families, were enjoying swimming off the beach adjacent to the cruise ship dock. We were all required to leave so that the beach area could be prepared for cruise ship passengers. The seaweed was removed from the swimming area rope and the buoys were scrubbed white again. The whole of the beach had leaves removed and was raked. Then on the day, numerous staff arrived and buildings that had been closed for the duration of our visit were opened with tourist posters and information. The town had extra police in and all the scammers and crazies were removed from the marina area (for cruise ship day only). The whole town was on its best (non-racist) behaviour for a day.
Where they put the out of it, drug crazed locals we don't know, but for one day only they weren't visible.
Cruise ship life is so far removed from ordinary life and all the visits so carefully controlled. We had to get special permission to swim at the beach we usually swam at every day; no-one was allowed within 100m of the cruise ship.

Watching the cruise ship leave