RVing again 2/8/18

Thu 2 Aug 2018 21:37

At last back to wilderness and very small spaces. Our first stop was Point Reyes, literally on the San Andreas Fault, this part of America is on the Pacific plate and moving slowly north up the west coast. Signs abound pointing to the USA; the 1906 earthquake moved the land 16 feet north as shown in the earthquake walking trail. Biking took us to the Great Divide meadow and the visitor centre hints to the weather with names like Inverness and Elephant Seal Outlook. There are currently 12 elephant seals at this National Sea Shore area and the last time we saw elephant seals was South Georgia. The beaches are often closed as dangerous waves come in to snatch the unwary. The wind is bitter and fog and mist swallow up the landscape. The trees are all bent and gnarly, the hills higgledy piggledy due to the fault activity. Even the plants are low level, clinging to the ground. We have worn coats all week in California, huddled around Laura and Eric's (thank you very much) campfire and Caroline is now wearing a woolly hat. A large pigeon is wandering about, small deer abound as well as much birdlife.usa

It really is time for a warmer place.