Sat 20 Feb 2010 02:08
15.59.036n 61.42.993w
On our way to St Lucia for engine service and Panama preparation.
Stopped off in Guadeloupe for fuel and filter change.
Staying a couple of nights in Riviere Sens Marina. Beautiful location, surrounded by palm trees and nestled in the mountains. A hurricane knocked down the end of the harbour wall in 1998 and they haven't got around to replacing it yet. It has partially blocked the narrow entrance making it even narrower and shallower. Our guide recommends giving it a miss, but we entered OK with 0.5m to spare.
In the last 8 weeks we have visited 6 countries, 12 islands and stayed in 20 different anchorages, moorings or marinas. We have seen some fabulous sights and feel that we have done a lifetime of travelling. It is hard to believe we have another 17 months to go - hurrah.
Pleased to be back in Guadeloupe as we've had to speak American for the last few weeks, at least here we know we have to translate - and we've already done the volcano!
Caroline has started speakin da Caribbean lingo - we have been here a long time.