Tarantulas etc

Tue 18 Apr 2017 20:53

We were really keen to see the pink legged endemicCaribbean tarantulas and finally on our last day of walking we saw a couple. Unfortunately the first was on a road where we could not stop, but the second was when we were walking.


Much prettier than the Puerto Rican chocolate coloured tarantula.


The island appears to be very religious with many churches

church memorial

We had one last walk we wanted to do – the Canal of Slaves. Sadly the walk is closed. You walk on a narrow path next to the irrigation ditch (canal) with dizzying drops and potentially is good for serpent spotting (fer de lance) so it is disappointing to miss it. Tomorrow we start wreck diving.

Rhum distilleries abound (26) and we had great food at the Depaz Plantation.


We finished our day at the church where many of the 30,000 of St Pierre died from the burning gases in the 1902 eruption. The church is partly razed to the ground and still bears the scorch marks; a very eerie place.