Tue 7 Dec 2010 08:47
Another NZ beauty spot with the usual beaches for walking on (because it's to cold for anything else). We even did a boat trip and admired the very rare white flipper blue penguins and the world's rarest dolphin (the hector dolphin). We have still not seen any of that common pest the possum!!!!  We were lent a tent by Cherie and Eric but as we are wearing thermals, woolly hats and using a chap stick daily - a prudent renting of these sort of huts things with heaters has occured. You get full use of a communal kitchen and hope that the loos are not too far away.
A typical beach - beautiful, empty (except for the birds) and cold
A cute rare white flipper blue penquin.
We left for Dunedin taking time out to stop at the Moeraki boulders. These boulders seem to give off good feeling vibes, they really have an otherwordly quality  - impossible you would think for rocks!!!. Thankfully with the change in climate, Murray was fully dressed for these rocks. The moari believe that the boulders are the flotsam cast from the wreckage of the voyaging canoe Aria - te-uru . The scientists say they are septarian concretion the biggest of which took 4 million years to form.