Back in the water - hip hip hurrah

Thu 2 Dec 2010 03:34
Finally we are going back in the water with a night in the Gulf Harbour hotel which was the most luxury we have had all trip. the boat yard was really, really, dirty and the whole boat inside and out was black. the boat behind us dry sanded black antifoul off which made a real mess of the boat. We did not enjoy staying on the hard not least because the locals even bring lights in to work in the dark with heavy machinery so that the noise is from seven in the morning up to 10.30 at night. Anyway we had to book the night at this hotel as the boat was in straps overnight and into the water at 7.00 so we needed to be close by. We had 2 baths each and we were very glad that we weren't cleaning it afterwards.
We tested the boat by popping to Tiritiri Matangi Island, known as Tiri to the locals. this tranquil bird santuary is worthwhile for the bird song alone. Greg (pictured below) is a Takahue bird, one of 200, he has reached the grand old age of 18 having fathered many chicks. Greg is attuned to the sound of a bag of crisps being opened at some distance and everyone is warned not to feed him, however hard he tries to nick your food.
The tui birds make an amazing sound as well as having ridiculous balls (on the neck).
The tiri reserve was set up as a sanctuary as so many NZ birds nest on the ground and are completely defenceless against introduced predators such as the stoat and possum. We will go back to this island.