Stuck in Jamaica

Thu 8 Mar 2018 00:07

We have to get our engine sorted out as Grenada Marine (I know, we weren't going to mention them anymore) appear to have left us without a working oil pressure sensor alarm. This means we may have been running the engine with insifficient oil circulating but failed to notice and may have some major engine failures in the future. Grenada Marine have done so much damage rto our boat, it is frustrating and a worry. We will (Murray mainly) have ot work through this, but it is so hard to think of all the damage, mistakes and so on that Grenada Marine might have caused us.

We are now unhappy with the bellows on the shaft and think this may have been fitted incorrectly. Changing the oil has not fixed our engine problems and the Jamaican engineer said this means we have major damage and need to be lifted out for engine repairs to be carried out. All we want is to sail to Cuba.
We ar enot sure about anything the Jamaican engineer has told us and are carrying out further tests. The alignment has now been redone by Murray and we can now hear several other engine noises that aren't right.
Anyway, very hot so decided to go for a snorkel, but the tender isn't right either. We also have no mobile phone as Murray took it for a swim in salt water yesterday. He was looking at facebook and walked off the end of the jetty in the dark (after a long island ice tea!)
The original engine fitters in England said to email if we ever had problems, so we have.