Shelter Bay 13/3

Tue 13 Mar 2012 01:29
Routines are now coming back to us as we rise at dawn and work through our list of jobs until dusk. The Volvo Penta shop we had ordered parts from last time we were here, which didn't arrive in time and tripled in price, eventually gave a partial refund after tears from Caroline and camping out in the office.
Basically, back in July, they ordered boat parts which the didn't deliver on time, having received what we thought was full payment. They then tripled the price and they originally refused a refund because they couldn't for accounting reasons, they couldn't do it without the original receipts (which our engineer had given to them previously) and our card was a new replacement. The shop owner found this amusing and obviously being awkward, hoping to keep all the money.
Murray had to persuade their accountant they could give us a refund on our new card on the same account (yes, it's with the same bank!). The engineer came to help and after an hour and a half we obtained a partial refund and the engineer gave us the part he was going to fit for free.
Trying to do business in Panama sometimes leaves you feeling quite despondent. So now we have all the parts we should need. The wind is still too strong for us to sail anyway.