Norman Island 28/1/17

Sat 28 Jan 2017 22:40

18.19.1n 64.37.0w

Back to Norman Island or Treasure Island where a 1750 letter stated “Recovery of the treasure from Nuestra Senora buried at Norman Island comprise 450,000 dollars, plate, cochineal, indigo, tobacco much dug up by Tortolans”.

Impossible to anchor this time so reluctantly picked a mooring buouy for 2 nights. The iwnd whistles through, but the somewhat noisy partygoers started at 11.00 and by 22.00 had just about all worn themselves out. Sunday is beach party day with a good local band, enjoyable from a distance as we three still have good hearing.

Caz snorkel towed Helen to 3 feet from a turtle feeding on the coral algae. 'Fantastic' was the verdict.

So, again, good snorkelling at Norman Island with plenty of marine life. The plankton bloom has only just started so not as much as last time but the coral reef had grown more since 2010.ray