Grand Teton National Park

Sun 16 Jul 2017 14:57
After a night in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest, Idaho, we finally reached Grand Teton, the first port of call in the 'Great Escape, National Parks of the American West' article that Caroline saved from the Lonely Planet Traveller which inspired our grand tour of the USA. In Utah we had walked in temperatures of up to 110F, here we started at 54F – brrr.

We walked the moderate trail of Taggart Lake-Bradley Lake. Shimmering green lakes framed by the Teton mountains. We walked along trails scented with pine trees and mountain herbs. Many meadows of multiple wild flowers add colour to our meanderings.

We then drove to two camera viewpoints, Mormon Row was the original settlement and what a view these settlers had.

If this was our privy we would want it facing the other way and never close the door.


Now the village is occupied only by gophers.


Snake river to the Teton Range



The Tetons

Our second walk was curtailed due to the presence of a black bear and followed by a swift visit to the shop to buy bear spray (an enormous can of pepper spray)