Depart Brighton

Sun 28 Jun 2009 17:00
Time to move the boat and leave our home marina of Brighton with a crew of
Caroline, Murray and Connor (age 15). Told the teenager a leaving time of
6.30, but actually left at 5.30.

A heatwave enveloped all of the British Isles except for Brighton, thick
grey fog filled the marina with the fog horn waking us (but not the
teenager) at 4.30. By 5.30 the marina had cleared, we left our berth to find
the fog everywhere outside the marina, Connor watched for fishing pots at
the bow and played with the foghorn until stopped. Learning point give
safety briefing on use of fog horn – hold at arms length because it is
loud – before teenager touches it.

Had to motor through the Selsey gate to Gosport as not a bit of wind. You
know you’re in the Solent when you hit yacht traffic jams. Left Salamander
at Gosport to have her hydrovane fitted.