Fri 29 Mar 2019 00:01

We wanted to visit Copan, but found it hard to get a bus there (we know better now). The distance we had to travel was about 56 miles as the macaw flies and 125 miles by road. The journey there took an incredible 12 hours with a ridiculous 5 stops – tedious. The plus side to this is that the Hondurans make amazing maize tortillas and Caroline was having fantastic street style food.

We arrived at Copan Ruinas too late to really do anything despite our early start. We just had time to grab some of Howard's grat art history books to read and eat and drink a little. The B&B cooked a different breakfast every day and Caroline had 3 big freshly cooked maize tortillas each morning; she had really missed bread and jam.

Our breakfast view at Casa de Cafe

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