To Panama 5000 miles to go

Fri 29 Apr 2011 03:51
40.29.697s 153.23.230w
Last week:
To the south of us lies the Southern Ocean and icebergs, to the North, the trade winds that would surely take us back to New Zealand. So we are making slow progress, zig-zagging around latitude 40S, going from one storm to the next, with seas rarely allowing us to open hatches as they break on top of the boat, crashing down over the deck. Sky and sunlight have also been raare visitors on this voyage.
A few days ago:
Now the wind has turned and for four days we've gone backwards, which left morale a little low on the boat.
Thankfully we have had a good days sail and have progressive forecasts, which has cheered us right up. This is not an easy voyage, but we never thought it would be. The only voyage where we've had any sort of time limit and typically we have sailed very slowly for the first part. We are both optimistic that we will at least be sailing in the right direction for the the next few days.