Grand Cayman

Fri 30 Mar 2018 15:21

19.18.313n 81.23.221w

2-4 cruise ships come in pretty much every day and disgorge hundreds of people. Jet skis, helicopter rides, snorkel trips and so on rush out time and again for about 6 hours then all is locals and sailors and peace and quiet.
The large boat anchorage is for any boat over 40ft long and a cruise ship may completely overshadow a yacht.cayman


The main trades of this area used to be rope making and turtles for food. Now it is all tourism, corporate law and big money in this little tax haven. Turtles are still a unique feature (though to many not desirable) in that you can swim with farmed green turtles in the morning and enjoy a turtle steak later in the local restaurants (the slaughter is not shown). By far the largest immigrant population in the British territory is Jamaican. The only really British aspects are food sold in pounds, the queen on money and driving on the left. Is this the only place still to sell petrol in imperial gallons?

The buoys were full when we arrived, but unlike Bonaire, harbour control helped us until we got on a visitors buoy. This people are so well organised and slick in their handling of tourists, but everything is pricey on this well-off island.
On our last night we were leaving at about 0500am but had a great meal out at 2 'paper Caymanians' house. Timmy ans Susan used to run dive trips in Papua New guinea and other way out places: a most amazing collection of masks, spears, shields and so on form all over the world. We had a great time – such a shame we had to leave first thing.cayman