Deep Bay

Wed 13 Jan 2010 19:19
17.07.55n 61.53.18w
Final day and night at English Harbour very unconfortable. Our anchor dragged early in the day and as we were trying to put it back an American vessel anchored right in front of us and we lost our space. Ended up at the far end of the bay and found that an American cat had tied up to a mooring block without a buoy and had so much chain that he took up more than 10% of the bay's space. So we ended up after 4 hours of attempts securely anchored, but really too close to another boat. As it was too late to leave we kept anchor watch all night.
Good sail the next day (down wind, genoa and working gib) to Deep Bay, which is shallow, but with good holding. Apart from an early C19th wreck in the middle of the entrance, it was a reallly easy approach. We had a day pottering in the water, food at the beach side restaurant and a gorgeous pina colada.
Walked up to Fort Barrington and then tried to find somewhere to drink. (And take the above pic)
We met some people on a guided walk and their guide suggested we come to their hotel. We tested their cocktail menu, sharing our choices and as Coco the barmaid thought we were funny she gave us 2 on the house.
A drunken row back to the boat - Caroline's rowing is getting better, but the front seat driver is a bit irritating (or helpful!).
Next day we were going to move the boat to St John's, but decided to visit by bus instead. Redcliffe Quay is lovely.
We ate with the locals (for £4 instead of a tourist cafe for £15)
and then went for cocktails. Didn't manage to share as the straw stuck to Murray's lips and the Napolean Coffee (espresso, brandy, rum, baileys and cream) forced its way into his mouth until it was all gone.
Back to the boat for swims and wine. We WILL move the boat tomorrow!
Bus system is great - you can only tell a bus from a taxi by the 'BUS' on the number plate, otherwise they are all minibuses. There are no bus stops as such, you just wait on a route and wave when you see it or to get off you just call - 'right here' or similar and it'll stop for you. The driving is a bit on the relaxed side of comfortable.
Blog correction - The sea snake we saw was a sea snake eel. Anyone who can be bothered to look it up on the internet will, I'm sure, agree that they look more like a snake than most snakes!