Wilpena Pound

Mon 14 Feb 2011 11:10
Wilpena Pound 14/02/2011
A fantastic place from which to explore the Flinders area, despite South Australia having the worst record in the world for animal extinctions. An incredible 66% of wildlife was pushed to local extinction by settlers in just 50 years and, to a lesser extent, Aborigines in the last 20,000 or so. The room we had was fab and the best of our trip so far; it was very tempting to stay for longer. Kangaroos, lizards and birds live at the resort The kangaroos, (not tame or fed) are so accustomed to seeing humans that you can get to within a foot of them, leading to one mum shouting to her child several time not to touch them. Lots of animals scurry around at night, but we were too cosy to investigate!
We did two great walks, one of 20km to St Mary's Peak, the highest point in the Flinders range. We only had to scramble over rocks a little to reach the 1100m summit, the 360degree view was worth it.