South Island - the tour begins

Sun 5 Dec 2010 03:26
Stunning drive through rolling green hills, pristine heathland, views of snow capped mountains, volcanic cones, waterfalls to beautiful gigiantic driftwood dinosaur and kiwi bird scupltures. Later seeing strange colourful shoe fences - one wooden with pairs of laces ups all along the top of it, the other barbed wire with a pair of flipflops on each barb. Views of the Whanganui river with a smart little steam ship puffing it's way up river. Ending our journey for the day at a little campsite (having driven through the mountains on narrow passes with bridges barely wide enough for one car and speed limits as low as 10 km/h) and walking along the Hutt river the great river Anduin in Middle Earth for any Lord of the Rings fans.