Tue 17 Jan 2017 21:37

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Everything sort of ground to a halt. The weather was untypical so none of our chosen anchorages were suitable so we stayed in Jolly Harbour marina. The storm to the north meant days of groundswell with beaches yellow and red flagged depending on how bad it was. It rained nearly every day for a month, but with plenty of sunshine.

With Helen joining us we finally made it to Shirley Heights – just a half mile walk from the anchorage we visited at the start of this trip and on our last. We hired a car for the day and all three of us had a lobster dinner with possibly the best view in the Caribbean, what a treat.English
          Harbour from Shirley Heights

Murray has carried out various repairs and maintenance, Caroline has been taking wildlife pictures and all of us have been chilling and drinking cocktails. We have no idea what they put in the cocktails at Castaways, but after 2 drinks we laughed as we wobbled back to the boat.

Mongoose (introduced

Mongoose (introduced species)


up to 6” caterpillar that is toxic to birds, bites and pretends to be a snake – an impressive array of defence mechanisms.Dragonfly