4 weeks in

Tue 6 Nov 2018 04:19

We have only just had the weldingcompleted and then the painting.

Unfortunately we now have toreplace another part (accidental damage from the welder) but we are alot closer to getting the carpenter back. Putting the boat backtogether will be the biggest part of the job.
As we have beenstaying in a shared house on site we have had some interesting times.After 3 weeks on our own, we found 5 week old cartons of drink,rotting food in a completely full fridge, a very dirty house andmasses of boat stuff filling the house to the point of bursting. Themessy dirty people came back to a clean and tidy house. To say thatthe husband went mad is an understatement; he was a shouting bully.We, having done all the work on the house could not spend anothernight there.
The marina has a communal golf cart for all thecruisers to use and this bloke actually put the key in his room andother cruisers can only use it with his permission. So we moved nextdoor to a stinking mosquito ridden house with a scorpion in ourbedroom (nest outside the house apparently). Only one bloke sharing,very morose, who another couple had told us was always basicallybrusque. Actually he was dirty in the house (Caroline is getting alittle hacked off over cleaning up after other people) but nicer thanwe thought. The cleaner and house manager came today and were beamingat us over the lack of smell and cleanliness of the house. This blokehas left for 3 months of work, another couple and a nice french manhave moved in already. These rooms are in high demand. Part ofCaroline's tidy up was sweeping through to get rid of dead insectsetc and a cruiser who stayed ages ago had left his boat's cushions inthe house for storage and was refusing to move them. When Carolinefound they smelled and were covered in poo (rat?), Caroline insistedhe move them out. At first he claimed they were clean, even thoughyou could see poo on them. Caroline was not standing for this and hemoved them out, but deliberately shook the poo and dead insects offthem and left a mess for us to sweep up. Anyway, the second house nowhas clean shelves, old food thrown away and boat stuff removed fromthe lounge.
Murray turned out to be quite good at catching ascorpion and throwing it outside: only one person as been stung inthis house this year and they are not deadly. Although the scorpionin our wardrobe became a bit distressed as we were both in this smallwardrobe at the same time photographing it with flashes going off andscorpions are photophobic.


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